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Tanzanite Aura Double Terminated Pendant

Tanzanite Aura Double Terminated Pendant

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Tanzan Aura is atomized Indium, Gold, and Niobium permanently bonded to quartz to create its beautiful indigo to violet color. It is said to be a powerful aid for developing intuition and psychic abilities. This makes it an excellent tool for any who want to work with innervision. Tanzan Aura is used to contact angels and and spirit guides and to enhance interdimensional travel. Emotionally it is a stone used for overcoming boredom and reclaiming passion. It is a stone that is used in crystal healing at a Earth level for manifestation. Physically Tanzan Aura is used in crystal healing for brain problems, connective tissues, strength. Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. Tanzan Aura is related primarily to the third eye and crown chakras where it is a unifying force. It is said by some to also have the properties of Tanzanite.

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