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Candle, Throat Chakra, 3"dia x 6"H

Candle, Throat Chakra, 3"dia x 6"H

  • $47.00

This vibrant indigo candle contains a unique blend of jasmine and vetiver oils. Each Crystal Journey Candle has been handcrafted from the finest wax infused with exotic blends of essential oils. Made in USA. SYMBOL: The color indigo is associated with the third eye or Ajna chakra and represents intuition, mysticism and understanding. Use its energy to increase, Psychic Abilities, Imagination, Self Realization and to Increases Dream Activity. Indigo energy aids in healing the Etherical Body/Aura and connecting us to our unconscious self. Chakra Candles are ideal for use in sacred spaces, for meditation, chakra rebalancing and to create a warm and relaxing environment.

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